Last Assignment

As I finish my last assignment for this subject I would like to say thank you to my fellow student that have post on my blog and posted some very interesting links in theirs also thanks to the staff of their help in answering our questions. I have enjoyed this subject and learned some valuable thing about ICT in the classroom. I hope whose of us that had bad experiences can look past them to see that they are needed in the school system because students need teachers that are compassionate not degrading. Hang in there every one I’m sure you will all make great teachers. I would like to end the post by adding this link to Mitch’s blog about a successful lesson integrating ICT. Once again thanks for reading my posts.


Adult illireracy

While I was checking my Facebook today this link was posted on my wall. This is a very interesting story that affects a lot of Australians this is one of the reasons that we a new teachers need to find as many different ways to engage our future students. This story is so close to home as I have three men in my family that have literacy problems. Just remember that the persons in your class that never answers a question or makes a fuss may not be doing ok they may just be trying to fly under your radar.

iPads in Education

The iPad is an easy to use ICT the has many use’s in the classroom. The SEP at the school I work at has 23 iPads and they are use in all of the Unit classes from year 9 to 12.  Students have difficulties with all aspects of learning can achieve success by using iPads. The students that have trouble writing or typing can use voice to text programs like Dragon Dictation. You can use iPads like an interactive whiteboard if you have a projector, Splashtop2 – Remote desktop will let you use your iPad to control your lap top. One of the teachers uses Class Dojo to help track student progress.

This is a link to a blog from a fellow student with some interesting apps for the iPad both for students and teachers.

After Prac

Well here we are again I have just started blogging again after completing prac and two other assignments. I was reading through the blogs and find this one from Lindsay about ABC splash. I found this site to be very interesting, with some very good lessons about maths. Hope you have time to have a look.

Math Trail

This site was blogged about by David, so I decide to have a look as my teaching area is mathematics and Special Ed. The site is called iLearn Technology. The site has a number of Math trails that the students can work through by firstly working out where the clue is sending you then when you find your destination you answer a math question. The one I worked through was marked as low difficulty questions, I think that you will need to work through the trials first as some of the questions will be hard for students having trouble with maths but other than that I think this is a good way to engage your students in mathematics.